Monday, October 15, 2012

Consignment, Chocolate and A Puppet or Two

Quick. Fast. And in a hurry.

Consignment..entire outfit..exception, shoes $10 Marshalls. BCBG bell bottoms... Love. Favorite. Love.

Recipe. Click here! GF/healthier, low carb, moist, etc, etc chocolate muffin.. Cause it's made with Almond Flour. Think Nuts = Healthy. This was sent to me by my friend, Sherry, she loves food! She knows I love food. She knows I'm gluten free ;)!

School. Today, we threw together some puppets to practice speaking Spanish! Yep, puppets make it all better.

Adios Amigos! Off to double PE and Art.. What? Does? That? Mean? It means that the Prince will go to two different locations, where he will have a total of two hours of PE and two hours of Art... He thinks homeschool rocks. Maybe I do too :)

Okay...check out  all pics below....

SHOOOTTTT!!! Gotta RUNN!!! 5 Minutes to mop the floor before I leave....ZOOOMMMM!

Sorry for the not so great pics.....blah! Wish I had more time to edit...but I'm a busy girl.

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