Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ramblings of a crock-pot loving crazy woman

Okay, a few words about OCD.
OCD does not always include the go to definition items; extreme organization, all pantry items turned a certain way or being scared of germs.....although, I have a couple of friends (you know who you are :) with those symptoms...I consider them the lucky ones...Damn them! HA!

I have obsessions over things I like, or dislike, and compulsiveness to act on those interests or aggravations....typically with words, but often with actions. SO....what do I love right now?!?!?!?! CROCK-POT recipes.
YEP, I have become a crock-pot mad woman and am having a BLAST!! (OCD doesn't always have to be negative, right??!?!?!)

Last Thursday, a very pretty lady, told me about a crock pot recipe site for the sake of making a pumpkin spice latte.

On Friday, I decided one crock-pot wasn't enough, so I bought a second one; I began cooking!

On Sunday, I bought this really cool faberware container to to make small amounts of dishes within the crockpot.

Starting to see the obsession and compulsions???

Here are all of the recipes I have made since then! This crock-pot deal is super cool and super easy! You are probably not crazy, like myself, so dust of that crock pot!

Apple Oatmeal

CrockPot Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe

CrockPot Tomato Curried Potatoes

CrockPot Pumpkin Pudding (crustless pumpkin pie)

CrockPot Beans and Rice Recipe

Brie With Pecans and Cranberries Slow Cooker Recipe

Brownie In A Mug CrockPot Recipe

Off to use my OCD to educate the you realize that his educational journey lies soley on my shoulders??? There is no school, no teacher, no administration, no state, no federal government, no peers, etc. to blame!...hahahahhahahahahahahaha, just a brief look inside my head :)

More Sharp Academy and Sharp Home Ongoings

My Prince.

My Prince reading about the body; this is just prior to standing on his head and eating blueberries :)

Did  tell you about this generous homeschool mommy that gave us brand-new AMAZING school stuff! Our loot included games, books and TONS AND I MEAN TONS of manipulatives and other FANTASTIC tools! This is an ordinal game.

It's  high rise with the various floors labeled; first, second, etc.

Pick a card and mark your floor :)

Telling his "mommy-teacher"...something

Mr. Humble drew the winning floor.

This is the excitement while playing a simple, yet fun, counting tic-tac-toe game

YES!!!! This is one of our amazing presents!

Someone is getting's almost balanced.

An up close look.

YEP, my Prince gets excited about balancing :) Check out his hair; he is jumping! The way took the picture, it doesn't really looked balanced..who cares?! It's about fun and learning.
The "boy style creation by the Prince and his daddy.

Over the his momma!

Cool, like his daddy.


YEP, another cool gift! This is a magnetic dry erase board that comes with pictures and letters!

I placed various pictures and the Prince wrote the names.

VIOLA! Spelling and writing lesson, complete!

Today, the Prince requested to review all of our body lessons....seriously there were about 7 books (including everythng from body system to nutrition) that we reviewed; in addition to his lapbook (in his hand) and our white board notes. He was so determined that he brought all of the books, his lapbook and his white erase board into the kitchen so we could use the large kitchen table and have room :)....It's a good thing that Thunder Love is obsessed with this lil' boy or she would probably run-a-way.

The Prince does addition in many different ways; today we watched The Kahn Academy short teaching video on addition and the Prince wanted to use a number line like the instructor.

He sent this one to his Nana :)

Yep, the Prince has chores. Initially he didn't have so many, but he, yes,HE, kept adding chores. Our motto is that our family must work together to keep our home healthy and happy. He has no clue that some kiddos get cash or rewards; it's just what is expected in our home; we all must work together.....and YES, one day I will fold the piles of laundry...ughh!

Now that look at this, I realize he added a couple more. He does his chores most days with no problems and minimal prompting, some days I do some for him and then there are the other days....he's only 4 :)

A happy chore day :)

 I know that one day his significant other will talk about the Prince's crazy mother, but I also know that when he kicks her to the curb for talkin' bout his momma, he will be fully self-sufficient...haahahahahhaha!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Butterfly Garden! Thanks, Nana!

The Prince get packages from his Nana, often. One of his recent ones was this! and prior to sending
it she ordered him the caterpillars...those jokers are getting HUGE, we are getting excited! Metamorphosis,
here we come!
The Prince is so excited, he checks them daily!

Sightings from the Sharp home, mainly in the kitchen

So, you may have noticed I haven't posted many pictures lately? Why, because I was in FL for several days and have since been typing my fingers off working (did you know I have a job outside of out my home?); atlas 5 assessments are complete and I have some time to post pictures.
When this mommy is swamped with work, does the Sharp Academy of Excellence and other related activities in the Sharp household take a break...OF COURSE NOT! I am way to much of a DO-IT ALL type of girl, regardless of how much I have going on....okay, okay, enough about my mental health issues! On to the pictures.....

Notice the collection Thunder Love has taken to one of her many blankies through out the house;yep, the socks are dirty and how does a lil'doggie get a heavy baseball to her spot in front for the fireplace? mention of the leaf in her mouth HA!

One evening, the Prince decided he wanted to make a fruit salad as his contribution to dinner.

Do you see the lil' food scapper picker-upper thingy he is using? This was a gift from my best friend and we LOVE it!

Seriously, this was one of the best tasting fruit salads. Looking at these pictures inspires my tummy to ask him to make us one for brunch in the morning :) YUM!!!

Let's throw some writing into the mix.

The Prince obviously telling me to pay attention to his on-line cooking class teacher and stop irritating him with all of the random picture taking; he is preparing to make zucchini muffins.

Notice how I must squeeze his arm off to get him to take a picture with me (**note to self, Dang it! don't forget to put concealer under your eyes if you are going to be in the pictures...ugghhhh! I'm slacking on my appearance!!) OH! nice tongue:)

Shredded zucchini, which is about to be squeezed to death in that dish towel.

Making sure he has the correct amount :)

This is starting to look good!

Multi-tasking! A lesson that he will most likely only learn from one of his parents. HA!....shhhhh!

Sometimes the wet mixture requires 2 hands! (I shudder)))))) PLEASE, don't mix the glass bowl right off of the counter!!)

I have been teaching myself to BREATH, as the Prince insists he is careful enough to open the oven and put his goodies inside. (So, I hide behind a camera)

One of the best inventions, the oven light :)

So we had a bi of left over zuchinni muffin mixture so we just threw it in a pan, the Prince wanted to eat it first! UMMMM, I promise there is a nutritional zucchini muffin under all of that yummy sifted powdered sugar.

Let the eating begin! I will not tell you how many muffins he ate, as I am begging to PMS and don't have the emotional shield for your judgement. HA! (I entertain myself)

I love my Prince, but some things are so sweet I want to dance a jig! Notice the travel mug; in this picture it's about 6:30 A.M. and the Prince is making his daddy's morning coffee! (A side not about his jammies, the Prince has tons of jammies, like everything else his Nana buys him TONS, and he likes to mix and match them, so if you see pictures of him in jammies they will most likely NEVER match.....this oddity must come from his daddy's side) SHHHHH! because Mr. Sharp may speak up and talk about my non-matching jammies.

Several reasons for this; #1 It's fun! #2 It's cool! #3 It's "boystyle" #4 It's a gravity lesson, I fed him blueberries while he was in this position