Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sharp Academy ongoings :) VERY LONG...

In Florida my Prince planted, planted and planted with his Nana and he LOVED it; then we moved. So what's a Prince lovin' momma supposed to do? Try to plant things with her Prince, of course.
 Can you also see the butterfly net home sitting in middle; just wait to you see what gorgeous butterfly were created from that! Okay, so every day we checked our plants, with fingers crossed.
 OH and don't forget the herbs!!! Cilantro!

Basil, Chives, Parsley!


And we are proud!

I just wish I had a better camera ....I wonder if hubby reads this? :) but then again he did ask me yesterday if I had ever thought of stabbing him (in light if recent news) and I answered maybe no camera for this mother's day :/ ha!
My beautiful boy and his homegrown butterfly!
And sometimes, okay frequently....

We are silly!
Lessons on decomposition :)

and the Dung Beetle...

and then...a lil' boy pretending he is decomposing...

BUT SURPRISE! He is not decomposing after all.

Today, Thunder Love received lesson from a box???? :/

Today in cooking class we made oatmeal cookie balls...check out his "chef's" hat

And every great chef taste his food, especially if it's white chocolate chips!

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