Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lessons and activities for/with the Prince

If you haven't heard of File Folder Fun for fun lessons, then you should check it out :) You can search by grade, subject, etc.

Here are pictures of a couple of file folders I made for the Prince:

The turkeys look a little wrinkly; I glued them so they created a pouch for the addition feathers (see next pics)

Here are the words that I cut out and the Prince will insert in the "pots" pictured above

This  afternoon I was in the kitchen and it suddenly hit me that I had all the items needed to make this cool homemade bird feeder that I saw on a newly found homeschooling blog - The Crafty Classroom

So this is what we made :

AND THEN....we remembered that we hadn't completed on of the Bill Nye science projects we learned about on Friday.
What happens when you put a raw egg into water?
What happens when you put a raw egg into salt water?

Results below:

First add salt to one glass of water...


 Discussion followed :)

The end.

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