Saturday, May 25, 2013

First Annual Mash-Tater Fight - May 2013

A couple of weeks ago a fellow homeschooling momma, Lisa, mentioned her kids wanted to have a mash potato fight. My wheels started turning. What kid wouldn't want that?! So, I mentioned it to hubs who quickly responded with the "You are a nut-job!" look. I knew right then and there it was a brilliant idea and more importantly must be a complete surprise to the Prince.

Saturday morning we set off for the downtown ABQ farmer's market and then hubs drove us to the beautifully green and vacant soccer fields!


The Prince was told to stand with his eyes closed for his surprise. Hubs and I prepped.

I may have accidentally tested a bit of taters on hubs face, oops ;-)!

The Prince was allowed to open his eyes and identified the instant mash-taters he saw me making earlier (HA! He thought they were dog food!!).

He was blasted! The food fight had begun!

Afterward, we tried to wipe off and then we played a bit of tag!

I sat on the Prince, as it's easier to tickle him that way.

The Prince was pooped, so King Dad took the opportunity to give him a wedgy!   Poor Prince!


All that excitement ended with a relaxing snack while we allowed the mash-taters to dry, so we could get into the car and race home to the showers. Okay, technically Queen Mom got the shower first and the boys got the water hose. Ha!

Look at this face!! Wouldn't you say it was worth $1.88 box of instant mashed potatoes and a mommy and daddy crazy enough to have a food fight?
 I do!

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