Monday, May 6, 2013

Nana's NM visit May 2013

Nana loves the Prince so much, that there was no way she could turn down his continual requests for her to visit him here. We are very fortunate to see her frequently as we travel to and from Florida, but he so wanted her to visit NM and she did. She and Pap drive my car out here when we moved here in 11/2010, but we were inamorata transition time then.

This trip, we hung out, went shopping, we out to eat, went to play miniature golf, to an old cemetery (she loves visiting them) and she got to see the Prince at karate class, swim class, speech class and homeschool PE. He is a busy boy and she is an uber proud Nana.

She was also so happy to see our fur kiddos, Thunder and Stormee, as she is the momma to their dog momma and dog daddies.

It really was a good weekend.

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