Thursday, December 29, 2011,

This morning I woke up and decided to recreate two science activities that we previously created...simply because they sounded fun! Here are my two gearing up for work and the other with his hands in GOO! ...I don't know if the technical name is GOO, but that's what the Prince calls let's go with it. It's simply 3 parts corn starch, one part water and a few drops of food coloring....everything is better with food coloring.

Prince: "Mom is goo nutritious?"
Me: "No."
Dad: " Go ahead and try it!!"
****He didn't try it.

 Solid...liquid ...gas! Easy yet fun.
Evaporate/water vapor/gas.

Okay, now let's discuss this no-shirt boy! About a year and a half ago I was getting the Prince's clothes ready while he was still in his PJs...I asked "Do you have underwear?" as he was in a no underwear at night stage (well, not really a stage as it continues) and he responded "In my jammies?" "Yes", I said......the Prince replied, "Nope, just butt and penis!"....this continues to be one of my favorite stories...well he has now evolved into a lil man who is anti-shirts....SO BE IT, I reckon....

 The weather has can see the Prince is sitting on rocks with snow in front of him. It was 36 degrees. He has no-shirt and only one croc on, because he couldn't find the other :? He was too cute playing with Stormee, so instead of adressing his craziness....I snapped a few pictures!

Isn't it crazy how much we love our kiddos??...I could eat him up!

Finally back in the warmth of our house we reread (get it rewind?? reread??) If You Take A Mouse To The Movies....that is one needy little mouse. I have a needy little mouse, sometimes. Actually, I have a big needy mouse sometimes too!
I saw this super cute Christmas mouse project on The First Grade Parade blog and really wanted to do it...but it didn't happen before Christmas. I thought "Why not do it today??" we did!

I realized that when folks look at pictures of lessons on my blog everything looks smooth as silk, but I wanted to show you a couple of pictures of what really goes on during lessons....

Stromee was eating the table!

But somehow even with dogs, shenanigans, snacks and coffee breaks....we typically meet our daily goals and this momma is usually pooped by the end, just like Thunder Love!

It reads "If you take me to the movies, I'll ask you for some POPCORN!"

Off to make dinner....Happy Thursday, everyone!

Oh wait! One more thing. I recently stumbled onto a blog that is so entertaining to me that I must share. It is a "teaching" blog, but I must tell you that the author is a great writer and very funny. I want you to check out her blog and you MUST read her True Halloween Ghost Story!

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Cindy said...

I just thought of scared do you think Jerry was sitting next to the GOO and the Prince while all dressed and hadsome for work?? HA!