Friday, December 30, 2011

Unhappy Contraction Caterpillar - UPDATED 1/25/12

The contraction caterpillar and his creator may be a bit "grumbly" today, but they are still cuties. Thank goodness, because that cuteness is a saving grace on some days ...

Moving on.

The Prince has started his double digit addition, pronoun and contractions journey.

Step into 2nd Grade is one of the many blogs I stalk and love - not in that creepy kind of way; in the healthy obsessive kind of way.

So when I saw her, ever so cute, contraction caterpillar I just knew we had to create one for ourselves.

I was so exited.

The Prince and the caterpillar, apparently, were not.

I couldn't close this post without at least one smiling Prince picture. I assume he is smiling in this picture because he is shirtless, since I am certain his previously captured unhappiness was not caused by lessons or his fantabulous teacher. However, I could be wrong. HA!


****I want to add a few more pictures of how we continued to practice contractions! We also plan to do "Contraction Surgery" as shown on the fab site, The First Grade Blog! I'll post those pictures after that project, but for now...look at this usage of paint strips :)!

I picked these paint strips up from Target, you can get them lots of places; you've seen them. I love looking at the strips in the stores and dreaming of the colors I will one day paint my walls...but until then I'll just grab a few of my favs for lessons :)

OH. WAIT! Look how cute these contraction snowman matching cards are!!! Thanks to Heather's blog.

Click on the picture below for your very own cute copy.


Malarie said...

Cindy, thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday! That is fun that you live in NM! Your little guy is SO cute! He is so lucky to have such a fun mom like you!

Malarie said...

Oh, P.S. I am your newest follower :)

Cindy said...

WELCOME to my world full of randomness :)!! Thank you for the compliment on our Prince...