Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tons of Holiday Lessons

I have been absent from my blog for wayyy to long. Have you missed me? We were in Florida, I was sick and then life happened. I am back, at least for now, HA! I will be traveling to NC on January 5th for my grandmother's 90th!! birthday party and then to Florida for a week, I'll try to be posting before my trip, during my trip (if Santa brings me an IPad :)!! and of course when I return to NM. Without further ado I want to share lots of pictures of what we've been up to at the Sharp Academy. Most of these ideas come from Pinterest, Step into Second Grade, The First Grade Parade, What the Teacher Wants, or the TPT store. I am back logged so I won't provide direct links from each original idea, but if there is one you are interested in I will gladly find the original post.

On with the a pictures....

Okay, so I lied, before lesson pictures I wanted to share the ornament the Prince picked this year. I decided that each year we would buy the Prince an ornament so that one day when he is old, like me, I can present him with his special set of ornaments. This was the first year he was really interested in choosing his own ornament and stated that he picked this one because it reminded him of Thunder Lovie.

We read a couple of books, ate a "few" GF gingerbread cookies, and came up with adjectives describing both the character and the cookies.

We watched the classic Rudolph the Reindeer movie and created a reindeer. The Prince wrote "My reindeer crashes into snow!" I told him with eyes like that I understand why his reindeer crashes into he responded by posing like this when I asked for a picture :).

We discussed sequencing and the Prince verbalized how to make a snowman using first, next and then. He then created a puffy snowman using a marshmallow to "paint", Elmer's glue and shaving cream (equal parts).

The Prince completed the sentence...If Santa was stuck in my chimney I would "take all the boy toys."
We read and watched The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and the identified "grinchy" adjectives.

The Prince created his own Grinch and filled in the blanks; "The Grinch was as green as grass. His heart was as small as a crumb."

We then made "who-pudding", you can see who thought it was gross and who didn't :)!
This application made the Prince so very very happy...he even had to put his fingerprints on it.

I had a thought.....let's use the application for the elf body! I love how he turned out!!

Happy Holidays to you! Hey, think about leaving me a message and let me know what you think of our ongoings :)

(***We have also been doing holidays around the world lessons/projects and random acts of kindness...I'm just pooped right now, so hopefully I will soon muster the energy to post more...I can't wait to show you what we have been doing for our random acts of kindness project!)

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