Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring, Peter Cottontail and a Little Pizza

Can you believe we are still NOT 100% better? I can't believe myself. Regardless, I was determined to have some homeschool fun/learning this week despite feeling like something nasty that gets stuck to the bottom of one's shoe. So, I started stalking reading my favorite blogs and HOLY CUTENESS, I hit the jackpot! These activities went right along with what the Prince is learning:

This adjective review project is compliments of Step Into Second Grade.

This adorable fraction rabbit and yummy looking pizza project are both compliments of The First Grade Parade.

If you are going to have the Prince do a pizza fraction lesson, he should have real pizza to eat along with it. The silliness is compliments of non-other than my Chef Aiden( more on the cute hat in a future post!)

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