Monday, June 4, 2012

Yummy Summer

I have created an entire writing workshop area in our homeschool. I promise to have pictures posted this week. The Prince is loving his exploration of writing. He was never had a true interest in creative writing or self spelling before, so thanks to homeschooling I was able to wait until he was ready. Recently, he has been drawing, writing and creating up a storm.

We had soccer practice this morning; Can I just say it was super super hot outside at 10am...whew! But, even in the heat I took the time to create this Oh. So. Easy crafty... in between picture taking, of course.

This crafty was inspired by A Cupcake for the Teacher ! Her pattern is wayyy better than mine :) We will pretend I was distracted by soccer.

Here is a writing crafty he completed today after soccer practice.

While writing he ran out of space and was worried. No worries, we just addded more paper!

He wrote: This summer I will go to my friends housed. I will also go party, eat cake, go to Chuck E Cheese. 



April Kreitzer Wolfe said...

Hi!! I am your newest follower.


Cindy said...

Hi April! Welcome to my blog of randomness :)! Thanks for following.