Friday, July 6, 2012

A five, almost six, year old's observation

My dear Prince Aiden. I love you. I am in awe of the way your mind works, but never truly shocked over what comes from your lips as you are such a thinker.

While having lunch today, two fried tofu hotdogs with melted cheese, red onion, ketchup and honey mustard on GF buns, you shared an observation.

Prince: Mom, during the Civil War, Americans were fighting Americans because some of them were against some people in America being free?

Me: Yes.

Prince: Well, that doesn't make any sense because during the Revolutionary War those living in America were fighting the British so that those in America could be free.

Me: Exactly, no sense at all.

After lunch we got in a little multiplication and spelling.

Have a fantastically free weekend ;)

*** okay, an update 2 seconds after I posted and showed the Prince. He said, " and Thomas Jefferson wanted slaves to be free and he had slaves, so how did he want slaves to be free..""?

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