Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Give My Monster a Hand

I don't really understand why creating something cute or writing math problems on a set of pre-cut hands makes lessons more enjoyable for both the Prince and I, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I will keep on doin' it til' it stops workin'. When the Prince is happy with lessons, and not rebelling, then you know what that means for this mommy/teacher: more time on Pinterest, more for time drinking coffee, more time day-dreamin about a Disney Cruise more time to plan additional fun and educational lessons.

He made this cute and free printable monster, Thanks, Johanna. I assume Ms. Monster is frowning, cause her hair is on fire. I could be wrong. The Prince then wrote the following two sentences about his monster: "My monster is very cute. She has twenty babies each week." Personally, I don't know how cute having twenty babies a week is, but that could just be me.

Today, he also reviewed division. Again, not sure why it works, but it does. Eighteen division problems receives zero complaints on cut-out paper hands. However, I guarantee if I wrote the same number of problems on a piece of paper I would here "Seriously, I have to do ALL of them???!!" Ha, mommy/teacher trickery in full force.

Happy Hump Day y'all. Friday is approaching fast and guess what?!! That's date night! I plan to have a glass of wine. Watch out, the party animal is coming out. One. Whole. Glass. Of .  Delicious. Red. Wine.


hilah said...

I totally LOLed at "20 babies each week".

Cindy said...

Ha! I bet if he wasnt an only child he wouldn't be writing about 20 babies a week.. He would probably write something like "She is cute. She eats one of my siblings each week!" wait! Maybe I'm thinking about what I would have written at his age.

Ps.. I make that vegan chocolate cake of yours with Bob Red Mills Gluten Free Flour and Coconut Oil.. And guess what?! It is the -ISH!!!