Sunday, September 9, 2012

Memories in the Making

Memories can be made any and every where, but it's nice to make a variety of them,  right? The man of the house and I have always been big on providing our Prince with a variety of experiences, but just like everyone sometimes we can get lazy. So, we fight against it.

You know on the weekends when you just stay in the house all day and don't go anywhere? Those are great! However, it seems like the more we have those days the more they become the norm. Fortunately, for us we tend to get "cabin fever" so we get our minds to workin' and say let's go on an adventure. We typically have ideas in our brains, so we pick one and head out.

The weather her in NM has just started to cool off. This makes for a much more enjoyable hike. So, yesterday off we went. The entire family, including the Thunder Love and Stormee Oso. We only traveled about 15 minutes from our house to the Jemez Dam. Simple, free, filled with bad jokes to and from, but most importantly.... memories in the making.

 No matter if you are home or on and adventure, enjoy yourself and those you love!

Silly/crazy face is a must. This lil man is 4 ft 1 in tall and weighs 52 lbs...and yep, I'll still pick him up if given the chance :)
My Prince is wearing a hat that was my dad's. It make me smile both inside and out that he wears and likes it.

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