Sunday, January 29, 2012

BOOTY POPPIN!! Contractions...Ready and Awaiting the Prince. Updated with results :)

What, you say, is inside the wrinkled up Target bag that is sitting on our classroom couch??

Here's a hint.

Did you guess???

How much fun do you think the Prince will have with this in the morning?

Inside the balloon he will find the two words that create the contraction written on the outside of the balloon! Booty Poppin', here we come....tee hee hee!

I found the very cute idea on the blog You Can Make The Blog Shine Anytime!


We had some STRONG! balloons. The Prince decided he needed booty backup. Thank you, Mr. Pencil.

Prior to popping the Prince had to identify the two words that made up the contraction written on the outside of the balloon. Then POP! and check his answer :)

This activity could be recreated for tons of lessons; addition, subtraction, multiplication, word unscramble, identifying nouns/verbs/adjectives. You get the point. In our house fun while learning is very important.


Anonymous said...

Now that's pretty neat. Not sure it would work out in my class, cause the teacher can't take that much noise. But it certainly looks fun.

Cindy said...

It was a blast, I should update with pictures of the actual activity. would it be possible for you to do the activity outside to help with the noise and your nerves?