Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oh. So. Cute. Projects with a dash of Math

In the blog world there is some type of rule about posting more than once per day...but, I've not posted in a while and I have lots to post and all of our lessons are done for the day and the hubby is out of town tonight, so there is no formal dinner to cook and heck, I want to post more than once there!! (** insert picture of me sticking out my tongue!)

On with the crime of the blog #2 on the same day and who knows I may even post three times today. I've been to jail biggie. (***hmmm, I wonder how many folks are wondering about the validity of that last comment???)

ENOUGH rambling already! WHEW, I'm out of breath. Here's the post:

Every thing is better when it's cute, right? When I saw these two projects via The First Grade Parade blog and Step Into Second Grade's facebook page, I knew they would be recreated at the Sharp Academy and the turned out so adorable.

Check these cuties out! They can easily be adapted to whichever math concept you are currently working on.

Happy Wednesday to ya!

This picture of Stormee Oso is obviously not a project or a math equation, but she is cute. :)

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