Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Leavin' on a Jet Plane...

We head outta NM tomorrow and will return on the most likely no post until then. I hope you can survive! HA! I am very excited to attend my gma's 90th! birthday party and the Prince is uber excited to stay in a cabin with his Nana, Pap and Uncle Ronnie! I like my brother's girlfriend, so I'm happy Jenny will be there too! Then off to FL we go!

Get ready Florida ladies!! I've got my new camera, so you will be on my blog when I return!! (please don't refuse to hang out with me since I mentioned blog appearances:).

Okay Okay! I want to show a variety of randomness on the post. I will first show you two cute projects created by the Prince and inspired by one of my favorite blogs Step Into Second Grade.

The first was created of reading the book Old Winter.

The second set of photos were created after discussing resolutions and goals. The Daddy around here requested that the Prince make one for him, so the momma decided she didn't wanted to be left out. So, I made one for myself! Check out my goal...set your goal low and you shall achieve...hahahahahahhahaha!

The daddy has to fill in his goal tonight.

Check out the Prince's curly hair on his party guy! The goal is to "get better at soccer!"

The next set of photos are from Chef Prince cooking last night. This peanut loves the kitchen. Last night he was preparing his favorite dish...BANG BANG TOFU. Click the name if you want the recipe, it's originally made with shrimp.

 Tofu Ninja!

What? You ask? Could I possibly put anymore randomness on one post???? Why, yes I can. hehehe.

You know those times when you look at your kiddos, hubby (or pets..they are super cute too!) and you just want to capture those moments forever? I've had a few of those I grabbed the camera and all though hubby gives me a hard time for the plethora of pictures I makes me happy. So the next series are just pictures that make my heart smile.

Is Willow Smith singing in anyone else's head?

Not sure this is the way to get better at soccer :?

 This is what the Daddy looks like when we arrives home from work!

This is what he looks like about 3.5 minutes later...hahahahaha! The Prince and I are a bit intense!

I just love (okay, not so much) this forced smile stage! Plus if you notice they are in the middle of playing the Wii....but that doesn't stop this photo snappin' momma! hahahaha!

The Daddy is a NY Giants fan...the Prince is a Dallas Cowboys fan...Can you tell how the Daddy feels about this?? HA! BOYS!

Have a good night everyone! We are up at 5am to catch that jet plane! Guess I should pack.

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