Friday, January 27, 2012

Pop Rocks, a blog I LOVE and a Future Math Lesson/Craft

I recently stumbled onto a blog that has the cutest ideas, EVER!!! I mean cute inexpensive or FREE things that even I can recreate. One cute idea is to create a Valentine's area in your here is my recreation:

So head on over and check out Eighteen25! Seriously it is a fabulous blog with fantabulous ideas!


I have mentioned teachers pay teachers before, but a brief recap: It is a site where teachers sell unit lessons and there are some CUTE! ones. I purchased one on Pop Rocks for like $4 and it included 5 or 6 separate lessons on POP ROCKS! The Prince had never had Pop Rocks before and I found a three pack for $1 at the Dollar Tree. We had a blast! So if you are interested in buying this cute unit click HERE!

Here are a couple of pictures from this fun lesson:

This is one CrAzY pop rocks guy and the Prince loves him, hahahahaha! Ours is a bit different than the one in the lesson, you may like hers better...;?


While the Prince was creating the pop rocks guy I thought I would get a jump on Monday's math lesson, so I decided to created double digit addition and subtraction ice cream cones... I must say I get tickled when I come up with my own ideas...:)!

So anywho...this is the addition one...I'll post the finished products next week after the Prince completes the problems and glues them together.

I'm off and running to drop my Prince off at PE and Art and then I will hit the grocery stores..later this evening is date night... Is it super crazy that we are thinking of going to the gym for date night???
Yes, it is.
I know.
But that is what we are thinking.

Happy FRIDAY!!!

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