Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Ladybug and a Continual Question

My girlfriend, Tasha, swears she is not crafty. I always tell her neither am I. As homeschooling mommas we want to be all things, so I pretend to be crafty. I find the cutest things from the cutest blogs and I try my hardest to recreate them. So when I saw a cutie pie ladybug with a splash of math from Step Into Second Grade I knew that this was the perfect crafty lesson to show how easy it is to recreate something. For this one all you need are a few circle and a couple of free hand drawings.

Click HERE to print the very crude drawing of what you need. See the drawings do not need to be anywhere close to perfect. A craft like this can be presented in pre-cut pieces for assembly only or you can provide your little ones with the templates and they can trace and cut them out his/herself.

As with every crafty, I add some sort of lesson. The Prince was gracious enough to complete a couple different types of math equations to show the possibilities are really endless when it comes to what lesson you add to this craft.

Next... The Continual Question. Due to being vegetarian, frequently vegan, and gluten free, people continually ask " Well, what do you eat then?" I sometimes have difficulty with this question as I don't have a fixed menu, you know like when our parents used to cook the same 7 meals over and over and sometimes I feel it would be too much to run down my grocery list. So, my solution... To randomly post our menu. If I have a recipe or a link to that recipe, I'll try to post that as well.

Tonight's Menu

- Vegan Smokey Black Bean Stew
(I didn't have smoked paprika - but you can substitute 2 parts paprika and 1 part cumin to get a great substitute)
- Jasmine Rice
- Spinach Salad
(spinach, boiled egg, feta cheese and faux bacon bits)
- Balsamic Vinaigrette

* I was going to cook a chicken breast for my Carnivore Husband, but he said he didn't need it *

Finally, if you have made it this far in this long post, Wow! Way to hang in there. I wanted to share one last picture. My Prince started his venture toward becoming an official non-training wheel kind-of biker :).

I found an amazing bike riding method online. It really really works. This picture was taken on day 3 (about 30 minutes each day prior) of practice. Click HERE for the tips/strategy. 

**By the way, that's our house in the background. The one with the 4 windows and the tree :)

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