Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wooooo..Multiplication, already?!

I can't believe my Prince is growing and learning so quickly. He was academically ready for multiplication a week or so ago, but this momma was taking it slowww. But low and behold the Prince spoke up and said he was ready to move on to multiplication. So a few days back I decided I would introduce 0's table...he wanted more..I introduced the 1's table...he wanted more...I introduced 2's. That appeased him for about 30 minutes, ha! So then we started playing with multiplication on

I started looking for some hands on activities and of course the blog goddesses helped me, a lot. Today we went on an I-spy array hunt to practice writing and computing multiplication equations. Head on over and get your free copy from Step Into Second Grade.

Here are a few pictures of our math journey.

Below are pictures from the "I Spy" Array/multiplication lesson from today. I placed multiplication/arrays all around the downstairs of our house and the Prince went on a hunt and completed the related worksheet. He enjoyed it, we will do part 2 tomorrow :)Then we headed off to homeschool park day for some outdoor energy release :)


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