Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wait, it's not Winter?

I have seen this subtraction poem all over Pinterest and thought it to be such a great reminding tool. So, I recreated for our Prince.

What good is a reminder poem with no reason to use it? So thanks to my favorite blogs and their gracious freebies- Viola! Instant review lessons. Click on the pictures below and go get your own freebies.

Who cares if one of the lessons contains snowmen and it's 90 degrees outside? Cuteness knows no temperature :)!

Remember the continual question regarding my GF/vegetarian diet: "Well, what do you eat then?"

Last Night's Dinner:

(I add 1/8 of red pepper flakes to the veggies and didn't add carrots)
Steamed Jasmine Rice

***This dish was amazingly good*** Even the meat eating husband thought the veggies were very flavorful and the Prince seriously could not get enough of the tofu.

Happy Thursday to Ya!

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