Saturday, August 4, 2012

Call the Tooth Fairy!

Here is my six-year-old with all of his teeth:

Here is my six-year-old minus one tooth!:

**tear,tear, sniff,'s all way to fast for me**

Today while I was grocery shopping the Prince and his daddy were out and about having fun, I received a text that stated "Call the Tooth Fairy!" and it was followed by the two toothless pictures from above. When I called the Prince he was so excited, I asked him if his daddy did all the things I would have done if I would have been there when his first tooth fell out;) and he said "not exactly, but he is buying me a special treat...a peach milkshake!" I think daddy did okay handling this milestone without momma...this time.

My Prince is now sleeping soundly and awaiting the Tooth Fairy. He was insistent upon leaving her a note and one penny. Here is what his note read: 

Hello Tooth Fairy,
My name is Aiden Jay Sharp. I know who you are. Look under the second pillow. The tooth might have blood on it. Here is a cent for all the hard work you do.
(*taped to the note was one penny)

**I'll update in the morning with the loot from the Tooth Fairy**

A note, $5 and a new electric tooth brush. This must be a different Tooth Fairy than the one that visited my house as a kid.

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