Friday, August 31, 2012

Whatcha' been up to???

Let me know what's been going on in your neck of the woods! I would love to know. Here's a few things going on in ours:

I painted ANOTHER chair..I had a bit of green spray paint left and some of my new favorite blue left, so I painted my mommy/teacher chair. I only had enough green for on section and I'm on the hunt for a new cute cushion...but for now I am happy that it matches and it's much cuter (sorry, again I was to impulsive to remember to take a before picture.)

I saw the cutest idea on the Miss Kindergarten blog and I had the VIOLA I made these "silent" dice. They are also very light so that mean less chance of them flying across the room when the Prince takes his turn :/...We used them this morning to play the math game Even Steven/Odd Todd and they worked liked a charm. We will be using them for family board game night too!

Also Miss Kindergarten loves to add ribbon, so she inspired me to "pretty-fy" the trash cans for our classroom and the hubby's office. Not sure how much the hubby appreciated it! HA!

The picture is the Prince frosting his carrot cake with his homemade creamchesse coconut frosting! This week, we made three desserts...YES!! 3...HOLY YUMMINESS...but also HOLY SELF-CONTROL so I don't gain 20lbs in one week! Good thing I had a couple of helpers in eating them. Here is the link to the  FRESH STRAWBERRY PIE I made!! First, let me give you permission for making this and eating it by telling you that it is only sweetened with honey and the crust is made with almond flour which is SUPER low in run off and bake..and invite me over. **I used apgar powder instead of gelatin**

We love "craftivities" that are lesson related.  Yesterday, for our writing block the Prince made these gorgeous "I'm special because.." sunflower. His pedals read:
I have a turtle.
I have 2 dogs.
I am fast.
I am tan.
I am 4ft. 1 in.
This FREE cratifivity was provided by Mrs. Lemons!

Today, for our math block we had a game scheduled (mentioned above) but I saw this OH.SO.CUTE mathematician on Step into Second Grade and thought it was too cute to pass up and what a great reminder to our Prince that he is already a mathematician!! What kid doesn't like to use a big word when referring to himself?! Since we already had something planned that the Prince was looking forward to I just added this too our math block and for the sake of time I wrote all the answers that he brainstormed and then he created his lil' mathematician...HOW CUTE IS HE??!! Step Into Second Grade has an entire packet that you can purchase, it is adorable and looks like so much fun, go check it out.

Happy Friday Everyone!! Oh..this weekend I'm making vegan chocolate chip cookies and a pumpkin crumb cake...this sweet tooth needs to leave or I'll have start doing double daily workouts.

I love to eat.

Do you?

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