Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I have no idea which makes me more excited!

Ok, things that excite me have changed over the years. Ha :). Or. Waaaa :('. Your choice.

The Prince is flying through multi-digit multiplication, but he will sometimes stop and say "what's 5 + 8, again?" or we will get to the cash register at a store and he will start counting his money and draw a blank. Both are completely normal, it still happens to adults once in a while (insert picture of the husband..hahaha), but it reminded of the importance of review.

I know one thing for certain about my Prince, he likes choices and feeling in charge. Feeling in charge being at the top of his list; I wonder where he gets that trait??? So, I decided a math review center was perfect for him, but I wanted it to be simple and already done for me. 

I asked my husband "why in the world would I want to do something someone else can do for me?!" His non-verbalized answer was "BECAUSE YOU ARE A CONTROL FREAK!"...Sorry, back on topic.

I follow many blogs but Second Grade Shenanigans is the one that gave me what I needed. Well, I mean, gave it to me for $6 on TPT, but 6 bucks later all I had to do was print, staple and slightly adjust the manipulatives for my class of one not 20plus.

This packet comes with 14! Different centers. I only posted 5 and plan to switch 1 out ever week or two or I can just replace the answer sheets sticking out of the top (see picture) and his can do them again.

One or twice per week the Math block will be "center time" instead of a new skill... The Prince picks and I sit back and sip coffee, browse Pinterest, scan and comment on FB, sit beside him ready and willing to assist, at any second!

If you are interested in the packet I purchased from TPT... Contact me! I will tell you more ;)

Okay, onto the second thing that has made me happy in the past 24 hours. A wall clock! A basic wall clock. Oh!, and the fact that it was on clearance for $2.69 at Walgreens yesterday when I popped in to pick up my free 8x10 collage.

This immediately acts as a practice/review piece, but more importantly.. The Prince's continual questions of " how many more minutes for this lesson or how many more minutes for this block or how many more minutes until snack or how many more minutes until school is out?"; Can now be answered ON HIS OWN !

Happiness is.....

Funny how the Prince doesn't appear so happy. That may occur when your mother takes a million random pictures.

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