Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Prince's Writing Workshop

I take so many pictures and want to blog them all and then life gets in the way and I don't post half the stuff I want to. I started creating the Prince a writing center a while back. He has been slow in his desire to write, so I haven't stressed him, or myself. With his new center he has gained momentum and interest. Let's hope we kindle his desire for writing just enough for it to burn forever.

One of the first things I wanted to show the Prince were examples of everyday things he sees me write: thank you notes, grocery lists and notes to him.

But, of course writers write much more.

I saw some super cute anchor posters on the blog First Grade Parade and recreated them the best I could. This poster reminds the Prince why we write. After he writes something we decide which category it would go under based on the anchor chart.

The beginning of our word wall. Many teachers post the words on the wall after they are taught. The Prince is an avid reader, so I posted all of the words so he could start spelling them correctly in his writings. He has become really good at not looking up when he knows the spelling of a word.

An awful picture, but I wanted you to see the word wall, I just used border from the Dollar Tree. Sorry I was too lazy to take and post another picture :) I bought all the word wall words and alphabet from TPT. I'll try to rememeber to look up the link and post it, but the creator is Erica Boher.

This little bookmark stays in his writing folder. We have a bigger version of writing rules on the wall.

Early writing rules anchor chart.

Sometimes, you just need a cute alphabet chart to reference when sounded out words.

Weeks ago, when I actually created the writing center, the Prince started writing. We made these little stable book and we did not worry about words at all. The pictures told the entire sequence story.

He progressed to labeling his pictures, to drawing pictures and then writing sentences about them and now he has recently stated he doesn't need to draw pictures for much longer.

The ice cream cones assist the Prince in remembering his blends: -ch, -th, -wh, and -sh. Below that is how I display his weekly spelling words list.

Whew! This seems like a long post...if you made it all the way through, go write something:)

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