Thursday, August 23, 2012

Success, Efficiency and Yumminess

Ok, so the title may have given away the fact that this post is a bunch of my daily randomness all thrown together...indicating that I truly have a "all-over-the-place" type of brain. So,  try to go with it. HA!


Today, during our math block, the Prince experienced our new math review center for the first time. He really enjoy it. Success. Success. Success.


We use dry erase boards A LOT. Why waste paper for figuring out math problems or for spelling practice, right?! Gotta be green whenever you can. Here's the thing, for some reason, the Prince has an adversion to using the actual dry erase marker and is always using his finger...but what happens on the day momma/teacher has on a white skirt or white shorts?

Exactly!, time for a solution.

Then I saw it, I can't remember where I saw it or I would share the link, but when I saw it I knew my whites could once again be safe by a student, in our classroom, with a dry erase board.

I super glued pom-poms to the tops of the dry erase markers!! Efficiency. Efficiency. Efficiency.


Now this I'm certain I saw on Pinterest...but I could be wrong. Dang it! I need to keep a "Where I first saw shit notebook!", so I can give proper credit. Anyway...I saw what I thought was a genius snack idea. Peanut butter and jelly using apple circles instead of bread. This is gluten free and is perfect for a healthy snack because it's not loaded with carbs from any sort of bread. And maybe I was a bit excited because I was also going to make this for myself using the peach jelly my momma recently canned and sent her favorite daughter, ME:) The Prince used the blueberry jelly Nana sent and  devoured it. He thought it was a really cool idea. YUMMINESS. YUMMINESS. YUMMINESS.

Off to prepare lessons for next week and to mop :/...Happy Thursday y'all!

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