Thursday, February 3, 2011

Activities of the Prince on NM snow days

As soon has the snow does the Prince and Thunder Love :)


The Prince LOVES the Magic School Bus!

Coin Bingo....

was a family activity :)

The Prince's pancakes (this was my first attempt with these cookie cutters)

and I was pleased :)

The King had to settle for M&M pancakes :)

How about a clue scavenger hunt?

This is the last note the Prince will receive along with his last clue;
his daddy has this note and clue :)

The Prince finding clues and placing them in his clue box.

YES!, I did place a clue out in the frigid weather HA!

The Prince excitedly running to his daddy for his last clue.

The reading of the last clue.

This is my FAVORITE look by the Prince. He gives this to me when he thinks I'm silly!

After a few hints, the Prince figures out the project.

The art project in process.

The final results.

THEN, the cookies begin.


and decorating.

Then outside to paint the snow with a spray bottle.
**Thanks, to Christine.

Mommy's sad creation...hahahaha

Mommy's love!

After blue, came red, of course :)

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Cindy said...

I just read this posting to the Prince and after I read the last caption....he said , "then yellow; did you take a picture of it." He was sad that there was no yellow picture...mommy fail :(