Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Science Center Card Project (#36) EASY and FUN!!

One of my new NM mommy friends, was extremely thoughtful and provided me with lots of FREE homeschooling materials!! Included in her fabulous gift to us were these GREAT Science Center Cards! I tried to take a clear enough picture, in order for you to print or easily read these directions; if you were interested in actually using this for a fun "science center" activity in your own home. You most likely have all of the things needed for these two instruments, already in your home!

Instructions and materials needed for both instruments!

#1 Tube Kazoo!!

Let's make music! Here he is feeling sound vibrations!

Humming, Jingle Bells!

AND feeling VERY PROUD!!

The Prince wanted to wait for daddy to make his (#2)Drum. Here are my two favorite musicians at work!

I think he is more handsome, than my beloved Tommy Lee! :)

On his own, he decided to make music using the "bumpy" side of the can (Empty Sweet Pea can, just in case you wondered!)

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