Sunday, February 6, 2011

Free Curriculum Sites We Use

I love the freedom to learn based on interest, but also loves have free curriculum for ideas and sometimes structure if I feel the need :) Since being very flexible in our learning around here is very important to us, I love that there is FREE stuff out there.....this way I don't feel obligated to something if it bores us to death, isn't on the Prince's level or any other random reasons... Anywhoo...I'm just are the two sites; you can get lost for hours on both of them filling your brains with great ideas :) :)

The Head of the Class - Curriculum from Pre-K to 5th They have learning topics that include Science, Spanish, Art, Geography, History, Math, Fun, Music, Science, Spelling, Writing and Reading.

Below is the link to some Kindergarten Science lessons (including very simple science experiments we have done or will be doing)
Head of the Class - Kindergarten Science lessons

The second free site that we use frequently is Lesson Pathways. This site includes K-5 curriculum and tons of teacher resources.

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