Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just an rambling, ofcourse.

Jerry and the Prince played all morning while I slightly rearranged the classroom, organized lessons a bit and did a whole lot of sitting around pretending to do something. I finally headed downstairs and prepared brunch, it was okay, nothing to blog about HA! After my boys were fed, I headed back upstairs and the Prince decided it was Max and Ruby time (weekend TV is much more laid back then during the week :)), so I decided to look at blogs and see what goodies I could find. I started to see a theme, these blogs are so pretty, organized and I feel relaxed looking at them; then it hit me, MY blog is anything but relaxing to look at! It is busy, bright, scattered and full of random ideas and/or thoughts......YEP, my personality is shining through :) Hope it's not overload for any of you, I can do that sometimes!!

Mommy and daddy dressed up for the silly dress
dance party the Prince wanted for New Years.

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