Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Updated - Pearson Online Free Science and Math Curriculum

The Prince really enjoys this science curriculum. I use it in conjunction with library books, home experiments and the science interests and exploration of the Prince.   We tend to do more hands-on Math , so we haven't really used the Math curriculum.

Welcome to Pearson Online Free Curriculum

Scott Foresman Science

I have to say the with regards to these science links Grade 1 and 5 are far superior, if I can find better versions of the other grades I will immediately update this post.
Scott Foresman Math


katbox86 said...

Sweet! Thank you :)

Cindy said...

YAY!! That's why I decided to finally do this, so that hopefully someone would find something on here useful or at least work here is I can shut-down the blog HA!

JasmineTate said...

Don't shut it down yet!!! I'm coming back for more... and thanks for the heads-up on the cards. I know we'll do those for Valentines day.