Monday, January 31, 2011

More homeschooling activities with the Prince :)

Creating words with word families; check out Thunder Love
on his lap. He takes her to do lessons with him, daily.

The container on the floor is the one he drops the "trickers" into.
"Trickers" is what he calls the letters that do not create words with
the word family he is working with :)


This is a sheet of personalized math addition word problems that
the Prince will use the colored pom poms (from Dollar Tree) to solve.
He loves when I write silly personalized math word problems.

Sitting on our classroom couch reading his telling time book.

Thunder Love really does appear to pay attention during lessons, HA!

The Prince is matching the addition problems to the answers.
The 2 pink pieces of paper read "HELP." This way he knows he can
ask for help if he really needs it; otherwise, he can use his fingers,
the abacus, or many other solving tools to help himeself, if needed.

The Prince took this picture, he was very proud of his work :)

Working on his train lapbook. The Prince is looking at his train songs.
The lesson he completed was pasting the matching train rhyming words
into his lapbook.

I love that our lessons take place in which ever place is most comfortable.

This is the Prince's first dictated book review! He was so tickled that he
had me read it to him multiple times and then to his daddy.

Many times in our home, a lesson is as simple as reading and discussing.

The Prince and I are vegetarians and he is very insightful when it comes
to proteins, vitamins, etc. that we obtain from the food we eat. While
discussing proteins on this page he said, "She is standing in front of the beans."
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love my prince!

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