Saturday, January 29, 2011


Some of you know that we use workboxes in our classroom and love them! Some of you have NO idea what I am rambling about; regardless I wanted to share the blog posting that I fell in love with and inspired me to try workboxes:

The blog that inspired me to use workboxes!.

After reading the above post, I immediately looked around my home to find things I could use to create a set of workboxes, this is what I came up with...maybe not fancy, BUT very effective and the Prince loves it.

This is a picture from our classroom in FL; I still use this
same shoe rack and the Dollar Tree containers, but the
workbox station has grown and we now have new pretty
labels.... SEE LINK BELOW :)

****Oh and yes, I began with only 6 boxes and 2 tot trays,  but true to form the 4 year old Prince does more, so we expanded :)

The LABEL LINK where you can print ready made labels for you workboxes!!!! (***Remember this blog is titled Limited Uniqueness, HA!)

SUPER thanks to - 1plus1plus1equals1

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