Friday, January 28, 2011

Things going on at The Sharp Academy of Excellence :)

The Prince refers to me as "Mommy Teacher"

A fast project I created after a food chain lesson

The Prince's final product; it hangs proudly on his bulletin board.

I bought this game at Borders, but had no idea...

that it would become the Prince's favorite game :).

I had some almost empty bottles of paint so...

Why not use them up!

The Prince informed me he no longer wanted to
do I said "ok". The next morning we played cars....

and made a bar graph...HAHAHAHA!
Never try mommy teacher! :)

The Prince's biggest fans :)


Melissa said...

I love how you tricked him into math, hee!

Cindy said...

Jerry was still home when we started (you know the Prince is up super early!) and said "You are very proud of yourself, aren't you?"...and yes, I was! hahahahaha...Later the same day we did a bar graph with m&m's,he loved that math lesson too! HAHAHA :)