Friday, January 28, 2011

The preschool program I used with the Prince

I have been asked a few times about the curriculum I have used; I have not bought an actual curriculum and hope not to :) The following is the preschool program we completed last year with pictures (poor quality) from our actual lessons.

click here - Preschool Program

In addition, I found many of our Art projects and some lessons from this site:
Letter of the week

These are not the best pictures, but if you are interested in this preschool
program, once you check out her blog my pictures will make more sense.
This picture is our weekly lesson topics.

One of our previous condos in FL was small, but that did not matter;
our front door was our bulletin board :)

I know, I know...WHAT IS THAT? It's a
cotton ball sheep on a stick so we could
play with it easier :) On the door is a Queen puppet
for the letter Q and then Santa.

What better way to learn a letter?? YUMMY G!!

Lesson : Eyes

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