Saturday, October 29, 2011

2 Digit Addition and Even/Odd Sort

Ever since the Prince began adding he wanted to do multiple digit addition, so of course I let him. It was like he learned single and multiple digit addition simultaneously and who was I to say that's not the correct way. He has not learned addition with re-grouping, as of yet. In addition, we have been working with even and odd numbers, so when I ran across the following worksheet it fit right into the Math journey we are currently on.

Click HERE if you would like to print a copy of the following worksheet. Thank you Mrs. Lemons from Step in Second Grade, you are making my lesson planning super easy!

It probably seems backwards to most, but I started teaching the Prince addition via word problems. He is essentially a natural reader and has had a very advanced reading ability since he was young, in addition he loved to the read silly short stories I use to write about his family, so I capitalized on that and added numbers within the stories. I can't tell you how many math problems I wrote about how much candy his Pap used to eat or how many fish his Uncle Ronnie caught!

So of course next week's math with include word problems. Click HERE if you would like your own copy of the great worksheet created by Mrs. Lemons.

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