Saturday, October 29, 2011


This week we spent time reading fiction and non-fiction books about Bats and making cool charts and of course, BATS! Next week we are focusing on Owls and will compare and contrast the two nocturnal creatures.

We used K-W-L a couple of time this week, so I wanted to clarify what those letters stand for:

K- what you already KNOW
W- what you WANT to know
L- what you LEARNED after reading/studying

Here is a sneaky way of having fun and doing a lesson:

Thanks to Amy for the idea! She has been inspiring many of my posts/lessons lately.

Typically the Prince would have written his own answers on this cool chart, but I forgot to do it and the school day was over, so I politely asked him the answers and with no protest he I wrote.

If you want a blank copy, click HERE.

The Prince tends to be pretty hard on himself when he makes a writing mistake, so when I make one I make sure it is clear for all to see and verbalize something like "yikes, mommy is a mistake girly today." Um, and no these mistakes were not done on purpose....

And then I assessed .....

Click HERE to get this assessment and writing tool on Bats created by Mrs. Lemons.

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