Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New learning tools on our classroom walls

I added a couple new learning tools to our classroom walls; Even and Odd Doors and a Story Map. We have had fun with both. We are using our even and odd doors to play a simple Even Steven and Odd Todd game and using our Story Map to learn how to dissect and understand all the elements of a book/story. The Prince is really enjoying both, as he loves both reading and games. I can only attribute the ideas to, yep! you guessed it, Pinterest.

Our Even and Odd Doors, were inspired by a much craftier version titled Even and Odd Street. However, due to space constraints I modified it. Oh! and a big THANK YOU to my two boys for decorating the odd doors.

Pinned Image

Click HERE to download the Even Steven and Odd Todd game.

I want to take a minute and point out the obvious. My replicas are typically way lower quality, mainly artistically, than their inspirational originals, but they work! And isn't that all that really matters? So, if you are artistically challenged don't let that hold you back....create on my friend, create on!

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