Thursday, November 3, 2011

Clouds: Big and Puffy or Long and Wispy...Clouds

This week one of our many fun and educational lessons focused on Clouds. First, I must thank my inspirational blogger, Cara! Honestly, I recreated the the same lessons she did with her students and it was a blast! So let the pictures and descriptions begin:

I recreated Cara's poster introducing four separate cloud types and practicing adjectives to describe clouds!

The next day we began by reading the non-fiction book, Clouds by Ann and Jim Merk and then I introduced the "cloud people" that I created to help reinforce each cloud's features. Of course, this too is from Cara.

After being introduced to our classroom cloud people, we created our own cloud foldable book.

We then moved onto two fiction books; Little Cloud by Eric Carle and It Looked Like Split Milk by Charles Shaw. These cute books led use right into the Prince creating his own puffy cloud, in the shape of his choice, with a mixture of Elmer's Glue and Shaving Cream! The Prince then had to write about his created cloud shape.

The Prince wrote, "My cloud is a mud puddle. I made it because I like to jump in mud puddles." He really enjoyed his cloud that dried into a soft puffy "cloud."

Throughout the week, the Prince looked up at the sky and identified the clouds....this momma/teacher was a happy girl!


Melissa said...

I love all this! You are so creative!

Cindy said...

I am always so tickled when someone loves our stuff, but I just duplicate well...the really creative ones are the ones that inspired me to make the "bootleg" versions of their originals. Thanks for leaving comments...they make my day!