Monday, November 7, 2011

Whooo Whooo says the Owl...

Last week we completed our lesson on Owls and I've been meaning to post it...but the life got in the way.....and then I most likely fell asleep on the couch!

On to Owls....

Okay, I get that this "Owl" looks crazy, scared, evil and even "pandaish", but when I awoke one morning I thought it would be a cute idea to introduce Owl's with a yummy treat. At least I tried , right?!?

We read the non-fiction book, OWL by Gail Gibbons and created our K-W-L chart. If you haven't used/read any books by Gail Gibbons, I recommend her as they are informative and cute.

Also a reminder, just in case you wanted/needed to know:
K = What you already KNOW
W = What you WANT to know
L= What you LEARNED

We later followed up with a can-have-are chart to review and as a writing lesson. Please ignore the awful looking owl face in the O of Owl....again, I tried....right?!?

We read a very cute fiction book by Robert Kraus, I was tickeled to find it since it was about an owl and the up and coming holiday. It was a cute book. So can you guess what we did next??

Our story map! This is a really great way to dissect a story and the Prince loves the post-it note process.

And of course, a unit on Owls would not be complete without making an owl!

This mommy/teacher is always trying to add writing into most projects, so I asked the Prince to name his owl.

An owl review practicing our verbs and adjectives :)

One week Bats, next week Owls.....let's review and compare.

This is one of my favorite parts....the Prince verbally reviews while playing teacher.

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I loveit! That looks lik a lot of fun!