Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Veteran's Day

Ever since the Prince became fascinated with military men and women, I have tried to teach him how honorable and important their job is and how we should be forever grateful. In turn, the Prince literally thanks ever person in military uniform we see. He typically says, "Excuse me, thank you for keeping us safe." Each time he does this it makes my heart smile and I am so very proud he is mine. In addition, the brightness that comes across these men women's faces is priceless. I never thought the lesson I was attempting to teach would be so powerful to watch :)

So on to today's Veteran's Day activities! We have been discussing the approaching holiday and reminding ourselves of the sacrifices and importance of our military personal, as well as, reminded ourselves of the importance of gratitude. Today, we created some cool projects and of course including a writing element to both.

Thanks to Mrs. Jumps Blog and BabblingAbby for the creative inspiration.

Finger Painting!! He really enjoyed this!

Gotta love that crazy "camera" smile!

Then the project made it to the new display addition in our classroom (yarn tied between to thumb tacks) and appropriately next to our classroom American flag.

Have a Happy Veteran's Day!

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