Saturday, November 19, 2011

More Turkey Day Activities....It's it Christmas activity time YET! ;)

My inspirations for these lessons:

For the FABULOUS Mayflower inspiration check out The First Grade Parade.

For the O-SO-CUTE ? Squash/Ugly Pumpkin activities check out The Inspired Apple.

We picked up a book on the Mayflower from the library and then listed facts from the book and the Prince pasted them on the Mayflower.

The Prince then created his own Mayflower book with facts of his choosing, along with pictures, on each page. He was so exicited to show his daddy his completed book and has read this book multiple times since its creation. 

The Mayflower "almost caught on fire!"

Have you ever heard of this book? It is so darn cute!!!

I recreated a worksheet I saw on The Inspired Apple. The Prince colored his squash, labeled what type of squash he colored and then listed 6 adjectives to describe his squash.

He labled his the "watermelon" squash and wrote the following adjectives: medium, deadly, kind, sleepy, old and slimy.  

 The Prince then created his own "Ugly Pumpkin" and named him the "silly" squash.

Today, I started making a list of things I will be making for Thanksgiving dinner at our friend's house...but I have like 20 things on my list...UGHHH!I need to narrow it down and to do my P90X. Just thinking of all the yumminess is making me gain weight. I wonder what your favorite Thanksgiving dish is?????

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