Sunday, November 6, 2011

A crowded drop of BLOOD...A Quick Flasback

A week or so ago the Prince said he wanted to learn about the body again. We explored his suggestions and narrowed it to blood. The Prince is fascinated with the body and for a while now he has known the various parts of blood, however he continues to be fascinated with exploring it and of course you know what that does to this mommy/teacher...yep, it makes me smile.

Here are a couple of projects we completed:

First we read a little book on the parts of blood, the I drew and cut and the Prince colored and pasted. VIOLA!

After we completed this the Prince said, "That's not what I was talking about?" I was confused and replied "I thought you wanted to make a drop of blood?" He said "Yes, but for real not on paper."

YIKES...I was stumped, so quickly I came up with a really basic idea of how he might get a visual of a red blood cell in plasma and this is what I initially came up food coloring dropped into oil.

The Prince thought that was really cool, BUT THEN...I found something WAYYY better on Pinterest! Check this out...

Ingredients: empty container with a lid, 1/2 c. corn syrup (plasma), 1/2 c. red hots (red blood cells), 1 tbls lentils (platelets), 5 dry lima beans (white blood cells).


And this is what a drop of blood under a microscope looks like! I think this is so super cool, even if that makes me a dork ;-)!

*****Angela’s blog, Satori Smiles, has beautiful photographs of this experiment.


Melissa said...

I find this super cool too! :)

Cindy said...

Thank you for the support :-)!!